It is a brand in which I use my many years of experience, knowledge and practical skills in the field of broadly understood business consulting and coaching. JGBC is a project that was created out of passion and vision of the development of companies and people. By sharing my own thoughts on management and leadership, and using inspiration from my friends, family and business partners, I set myself the goal of inspiring to redefine the company’s development strategy, use its full potential and solve existing operational problems, and if necessary, to change the leadership model and organization culture of the company.

At the same time, let us remember that companies are not (only) machines, processes, technologies or buildings, the real value of the company is created primarily by PEOPLE. In enterprises, it is PEOPLE who create products and services for PEOPLE, with the support of technology, machines and processes. Often, in a crisis, companies forget about their most important capital, focusing on reducing costs, and not on their optimization and restructuring. Let’s remember that difficult times create strong people and strong organizations. The crisis is not a threat to a strong organism, but even strengthens it, becoming an opportunity to create a competitive advantage through effective LEADERSHIP and cooperation of TEAM members within a strong ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE.

In the dictionary of the leader should not exist the word “impossible”. There are only opportunities and challenges. That is why I always encourage my Business Partners and Individual Clients not to be afraid and not to avoid introducing changes in their activities and to constantly look for development opportunities. Only in this way we can make real transformations and realize our own vision of an ideal world.

A comprehensive approach to Consulting and Coaching in the case of companies will contribute to the development of the company and strengthen its position on the market. Personal Coaching, in turn, will allow for comprehensive development of the individual towards the full implementation of their professional and private plans.

Imagine a combination of these aspects – a winning Organization and a happy Man, respecting each other’s values, visions and passions, pursuing their goals in pursuit of excellence. Are you ready for this approach?

Who am I and what can I offer to my clients?

My name is Jacek Gwóźdź. For the last almost 20 years I have been associated with one of the largest global automotive corporations – the Japanese company Denso. At Denso Thermal Systems Polska, I held managerial positions for 18 years, including CEO/President of the Management Board, CEO, as well as CFO. At the same time, for 10 years I was a representative of the company’s branch in Serbia. These were extremely fruitful years of development in my life, during which together with my team we undertook many challenges, collecting valuable experience along the way.

The foundation of the achieved successes were the PEOPLE with whom I cooperated, their constant pursuit of development, team cooperation, joint face of factors blocking development and ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE, which allowed for the simultaneous development of organizations and people.

I would like to share all the skills, knowledge and passion acquired during this time as part of the JGBC brand.


What I offer to my Corporate and Individual Clients:

  • Audit and/or Creation and implementation of a vision and development strategy for the company, based on experience in the field of: diversification of customer and product networks, SWOT analysis and competitiveness of the company, restructuring of plants in Poland and Europe, project to improve the company’s profitability
  • Restructuring of the company in order to increase profitability (including: organizational restructuring, launch of new plants): experiences resulting from the launch and management of newly created plants in Poland and abroad, negotiating lease contracts, cooperation with state institutions supporting investments
  • Cost Optimization and Process Improvement Project, based on 7 years of experience in Coordinating the World Class Manufacturing project, which ended with winning the WCM Bronze Medal in 2017 and regular projects to optimize the organization’s costs
  • Change management in the organization, based on the experience of changing the organizational and production profile in the company
  • Internal audit of the Company, as the Coordinator of the implementation and improvement of internal control principles in the company on the basis of J-SOX
  • Interim Management as CEO/GM/CFO/HR Director, based on 18 years of experience in managerial positions
  • Managing the finances of the enterprise, creating an effective finance and business planning department, along with appropriate procedures for the functioning of the department and organization
  • A comprehensive consulting and coaching project on the site of the company’s transformation into a “Winning Team & Healthy Organization” including the analysis of the company and optimization of its functioning along with training of managerial staff, employees, coaching and mentoring 1on1, including a change in the management style and leadership model in the company
  • Mentoring for future managers or current management members taking on new roles in the organization, with perspective of their promotion – conducting Mentoring projects in various locations in Europe
  • Project to increase employee satisfaction, based on the experience of employee satisfaction analysis and by creating an atmosphere of mutual trust with employees and trade union organizations
  • Organization and Employee Development Project based on Individual and Group Coaching, based on the experience of internal Coaching of the company’s management, the Leadership Code program for leaders, Cooperation with experienced and valued Coaches and knowledge obtained through the renowned Coaching program in the USA (iPEC – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

What do I follow at work, as well as in my private life?

Years of work, observations and gathering various experiences have developed in me a set of values that help me to make many professional and private decisions. Life has taught me that passion and love for what you do make up 80% of success. Knowledge is a factor that is only 20%. At the same time, one cannot be afraid of failing. They are the most valuable lessons for us and teach much more than our successes.


However, we must remain strongly motivated to break down each failure into prime factors and discover what led to it. Mistakes should not be feared. As Wayne Gretzki used to say, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, and I also know from my own experience that there are no important decisions without taking personal risks.

My motto

Passion and commitment (X) in 80% determine success. The remaining 20% is knowledge and talent (Y). If passion and commitment lead to the continuous expansion of knowledge and the development of talent, and the acquisition of knowledge stimulates passion and curiosity, then the sum of this equation is constantly increased, in an unlimited and dependent only on us way, exceeding the initial 100%.


Be the partner of choice for customers,
cooperators, collaborators, looking for win-win solutions,
extracting with passion and commitment
the potential of the Winning Company from the organization

and supporting Individual Clients on the way to the implementation of the Ideal Vision of their professional and personal life.



Creating a Winning and Healthy Organization

by combining continuous process improvement activities
with the development of employees’ competences towards

to create a new era of leaders: