JGBC project is based on a combination of private and professional life, because each of us is a whole of the coexisting aspects of life. JGBC’s Mission is to release the best version of it through coaching cooperation with the client, because each of us is greater than we think about ourselves.


I invite you to cooperate in the field of Coaching, both individuals who uncompromisingly want to take full control on the way to achieve happiness and realize the vision of their ideal life, as well as organizations that want to have a team consisting of Leadership & Life Masters. The combination of the Leadership and Life aspects will create a Healthy Organization and a Winning Team, which will build the company’s competitive advantage, while promoting the improvement of one’s “I”, translating the winner’s ethos into all aspects of life.

The goal of our cooperation is to create a Leadership & Life Master

and full implementation of your own Ideal Vision of the World!


Coaching and mentoring are methods of human resource development aimed at supporting people in their duties and increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. Investing in the development of employees, striving to engage them and helping to achieve new goals simultaneously contribute to a better functioning of the organization itself, and thus – better financial results.

As part of mentoring and coaching activities, we provide:

  • Support for the Team during VUCA
  • Support for people nominated for higher positions

Our goal is to show you how to maximize your potential and, through a high coaching culture, create an effective and development-oriented enterprise. Both a good coach and mentor knows, how to help people believe in their abilities, motivate them to act and find solutions to problems on their own. We want each of our Clients to become a leader who inspires, builds trust and can influence others with their attitude.


Business coaching supports the development of people holding managerial positions, as well as their teams. It changes the attitudes of leaders, encourages them to develop new skills and open up to new opportunities. It is a series of activities thanks to which you can perform your duties better and more effectively. Improve your business and improve mutual relations. Business coaching also allows you to improve and increase individual competences. It teaches how to face challenges and solve problems. It helps to implement specific plans and strategies in the company, as well as organize daily work.

During cooperation in the area of ​​business coaching, we most often work on:

  • Improving and streamlining communication in the team
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Discovering and bringing out your strengths and improving selected skills
  • Organizing working time
  • Work efficiency
  • Delegating tasks
  • Development of negotiation skills


Leadership coaching aims to unlock the leadership potential of business leaders at all levels and take it to the next level. These are meetings for managers, improving their efficiency and effectiveness and broadening their perspective. In this area of ​​our cooperation, you will learn to use the leadership skills you already have, thanks to which you will gain greater awareness and confidence. You will be able to motivate your employees even better and direct them to achieve specific business goals.

If you feel a drop in motivation and performance, have been overwhelmed by excess responsibilities or have a crisis of faith in your leadership potential – it’s time for leadership coaching!

Meetings of Leadership Coaching will allow you to: 

  • Improve communication with your team
  • Motivate employees more effectively to act and achieve goal
  • Better understand yourself and the different aspects of leadership
  • Implement easier important decisions and resolve conflicts in your organization
  • Deal with the excess of duties and responsibilities of the leader


Executive coaching are meetings for leaders and top management members. As part of this area of ​​cooperation, people in leadership positions can develop their competences during individual meetings with the coach. They are multidisciplinary in nature, combining elements of coaching, mentoring and counseling itself.

The position of the leader in the organization imposes on you not only numerous privileges, but also a number of additional obligations. Executive coaching will teach you how to build the image of a leader that your subordinates believe in and listen to. During direct meetings with the coach, you will have a unique chance to improve your leadership skills and behaviors, as well as increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the benefits of executive coaching for leaders and top managers?

  • New skills in managing and leading a team
  • Better communication skills
  • Proficiency in expressing your ideas, visions and implementing them in the organization
  • The ability to precisely set and achieve goals
  • Improving organizational and team performance
  • Identifying your strengths and opportunities
  • Willingness to undertake new activities and challenges


Performance coaching, is a series of meetings during which we will develop your unique, individual skills or work on a specific group of skills. They are aimed at the most complete improvement of the person. Identification of your strengths and indication of areas that still need to be worked on. This is a special type of session and conversation that focuses not only on your skills, but also your values ​​and your internal and external motivation

As part of performance coaching meetings you will:

  • Learn to recognize your own leadership style
  • Improve your strengths
  • Learn how to deal with weaknesses
  • Improve your skills in building and implementing strategies
  • Begin to precisely define your business goals and direct your team towards their implementation


Team coaching are meetings dedicated to employees, as well as to teams that have already been formed and experienced, as well as newly formed within the company’s structures. Team coaching techniques are used to improve mutual relations and strengthen cooperation between all persons belonging to a given group, which in turn translates into a completely different quality of work. They will allow them to operate even more effectively and efficiently. They will show team members how to set goals and implement them consistently, with the equal commitment of each employee. An inseparable element of team coaching is also learning to cope with conflict and dispute situations.

Team Coaching supports not only the work of teams, but also the entire organization. The benefits it provides are:

  • Improving mutual communication, professional and personal relationships
  • Deepening common values
  • Exploring the potential of each team member separately
  • Ability to precisely set goals and achieve them,
  • Increasing commitment, motivation, productivity and efficiency
  • Providing inspiring ideas and solutions
  • A new approach to conflict resolution


Personal Coaching focuses on private and professional development. Coaching cooperation is based on extracting the client’s full potential, and as a result, the implementation of all his plans and the ideal vision of the surrounding world.

Let the inspiration be the Japanese Secret of a Happy Life – Ikigai is a combination of passion, mission, vocation and profession, it is a recipe for an exciting journey called Life. From today, live your life using all your senses to absorb the positive energy of the world around us – the vision of which depends only on you.

Let me make this journey with you, be a pilot on your happy and exciting Life journey. From now on, be a Leader of your private and professional life every day.

As part of meetings in the field of Personal Coaching, we support clients in identifying and implementing by them:

  • A vision of your own ideal world
  • Implementation of the recipe for full self-realization and satisfaction in any area of ​​life
  • Effective maximization of positive energy and positive approach to oneself and the surrounding world

Our goal is for the Client to determine how it will be able to use its potential to the maximum and become a person who will achieve satisfaction in every area of ​​its life.


Personal Development Coaching, which is a form of Life Coaching, focuses primarily on your personal development. It allows you to discover and recognize where you are and where you really want to be in your life. What do you want to do. What changes are you ready for. During meetings, we will put a strong emphasis on the development and improvement of your individual skills that are necessary for you to achieve specific goals. At the same time, you will also learn how to work with your weaknesses that make you lack confidence in key moments.

Personal Development Coaching is in particular:

  • Intensive work on oneself and personal development
  • Setting life or professional goals
  • Strategy of self-development and its implementation
  • Building self-confidence
  • Preparing for changes
  • Learning to deal with obstacles
  • Increasing your efficiency and effectiveness


Life Coaching is a unique series of coaching meetings, during which we can focus on various areas of your life and their improvement. Areas concerning both the professional and private sphere. Work on career paths, building relationships and interpersonal skills, creativity, finding specific goals, and even the current situation in family life. We will focus on achieving success and happiness in a specific area that is important to you. The purpose of our meetings is to improve the quality of your life. Learning to solve problems and deal with stressful events that are holding you back on your way to development.

Together with your Life Coach you will:

  • Work on both your strengths and weaknesses
  • Refine and develop all unique skills
  • Set realistic goals and strategies that will allow you to achieve them
  • Learn to overcome obstacles
  • Build self-confidence