Through JGBC project, I would like to share with you my experiences, thoughts both in the field of data analysis and increasing the efficiency of the company’s operation, as well as through the implementation of a company management model, which together with providing satisfaction at work for employees, will bring benefits in the form of a very good, sustainable company and a positive organization climate, which are inextricably linked and difficult to achieve especially in large corporations.


Among the areas of cooperation are the following elements:

  • Financial analysis of the company and analysis of production processes. Proper observation, analysis and evaluation of the Company is only the initial phase of increasing the efficiency of operations, on which most companies are working to a greater or lesser extent. Above all, however, this point is the foundation for the next step, more sophisticated with great importance for the development of the organization – mission, vision and development of strategy.
  • Business consulting. The creation and implementation of the company’s vision and strategy determine the medium-term development of both the company and the staff working in it. However, if we want to permanently change the organization, then an essential element is Change Management in the company – creating an organizational culture supporting development, creating an appropriate leadership model and leadership style that will make the vision and strategy not a poster on the company’s wall, but will be a permanent element of the functioning of the entire organization.
  • To ensure the long-term success and development of the Company, it is necessary to consolidate patterns of behaviors and attitudes. Leadership Training, Mentoring and Coaching in Business will serve this purpose. The aim of the cooperation is not to replace the currently functioning processes in the company, but to extract maximum potential from the processes and team members, which will create the foundation for the sustainable development of the organization. The basic premise of success is that companies are not made up of technologies and machines, but by people and processes they manage.

The ultimate goal of our cooperation is to create Winning Team and Winning Company!


The dynamically changing market situation requires from conscious enterprises to modify the once adopted business strategy. So if you want to:

  • Build a competitive advantage over the environment
  • Develop effectively or enter new markets
  • Adapt your company to current challenges and needs
  • React quickly to new phenomena and changes
  • Our strategic and business consulting will allow you to look at your company from a completely different side, discover new paths and directions of its development, as well as take advantage of the opportunities waiting just around the corner.

As part of our activities, we cooperate with our clients on a new strategy plan and vision of the company’s development, as well as the way it is organized. We also indicate opportunities and threats for a given industry and the best methods of counteracting them (SWOT analysis). In order to bring a measurable effect to our cooperation, we first focus on a thorough understanding of the adopted business model. Individual approach to each client, getting to know all levels in the adopted system, as well as a thorough analysis of data and processes guarantee the highest effectiveness of our activities.


Strategic and business consulting services provided by our experts are aimed at accurately and detailed planning or modifying the company’s development strategy. As a result of these actions, our clients will be able to smoothly adapt to market changes, as well as gain a lasting advantage over the competition.


When planning, analyzing and familiarizing ourselves with the company’s structure, we are guided by one goal – increasing the profitability and efficiency of the company’s operations. It is possible to achieve primarily through the optimization of processes and minimizing the costs of its operation. Reducing the expenses incurred by the company is one of the basic and key factors influencing its dynamic development.


At JG Business Consulting, we approach this task comprehensively and fully individually. The basic tool we use in this area is process mapping combined with accurate data analysis. Only in this way we can get a full

picture and profile of the company’s operation, from which we will then select possible areas that still allow us to increase efficiency and optimize costs.

A professional map of business processes allows to detect numerous irregularities, both in terms of receipts and expenses themselves, as well as other types of inefficiencies that are not visible without an exhaustive and comprehensive analysis.


Human resource management / organization management is a real challenge, requiring not only appropriate skills and knowledge, but also personality and strength of character. Each person holding a managerial position should have the appropriate competences that will allow them to build healthy relationships and high morale in their team, as well as achieve ambitious goals. At JG Business Consulting, we know how to help managers become charismatic leaders who know their value and the role they play in the company.

If you want to broaden your qualifications or learn how to effectively manage your business, we invite you to participate in our leadership training courses. These are the courses we teach and show you how:

  • To be a conscious, engaging leader who gives his employees a sense of meaning
  • Recognize, shape and improve your leadership style and analyze your own behavior
  • Build relationships with subordinates, raise their morale and communicate effectively with teams
  • Make the right decisions at the right time without yielding to pressure
  • Motivate your employees
  • Resolve conflicts, conduct difficult conversations and communicate errors properly
  • Think strategically, set goals and tasks


As part of JGBC, we enable temporary company management in the form of Interim Management. Due to many years of experience in the functions of CEO, General Manager and CFO, we offer activities aimed at specific goals and business results within the company, which will result in increasing the value of the organization.

As part of Interim Management, we offer:


  • CEO
  • Managing director
  • CFO / Financial Director
  • HR director


  • A comprehensive on-site Consulting and Coaching project for the transformation of the company into the “Winning Team & Winning Organization”, including the analysis of the company and optimization of its functioning along with training of managerial staff, employees, coaching and mentoring 1on1
  • Change management in the organization
  • Internal audit of the organization
  • Company restructuring to increase profitability (organizational restructuring, cost restructuring, launching new plants)
  • A project to increase employee satisfaction and motivation


Financial analysis is the source of key information about the company and the basis for the diagnosis of its economic situation. It allows to determine the state of our company at present and to forecast the chances of its further development. It is important not only for the managerial staff, but also for many other, external entities that, for various reasons, may be interested in its condition. If you want to obtain reliable results of financial analysis, the documents provided play a key role in this case. These are mainly accounting data, financial statements and the results of analyzes from previous years, as well as financial plans for the following years.

One of our specializations is providing help and support to small, medium and large entrepreneurs in carrying out a correct and complete financial analysis. It includes:

  • Analyzes and audits
  • Preparation of a financial forecast

Together, we will discover the areas where there are problems in your company and we will determine the causes of their occurrence. Professional assessment of the financial situation will also allow us to identify the necessary changes. Thanks to the results of the analysis, we will evaluate the activities of the entire organization as well as its individual structures or departments.


“Change is the only constant in life” are the words of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, which we can also apply to business. Every modern enterprise, regardless of the scope, area and size of its activity, must be prepared for changes. However, readiness is not enough. It is also necessary to have knowledge and skills about how to implement and manage them. It is a key business ability that very often determines the success of our organization and its further existence.


Change management in an organization is a complex and multi-stage process consisting in controlling changes taking place in the company, which may relate to various aspects of its activity. The initiators and performers of all transformations are always people. Therefore, when introducing changes, we should not forget about the “human aspect”. Before we start working, we need to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the entire organization and its employees.

Our goal is to bring about an effective and efficient change that will cover the entire company, penetrate its structures and stay in it for longer. In achieving it, we will focus on the attitude of the leaders and thorough information, training and implementation of all employees. Especially those who approach changes with the least commitment.